Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We need your help

We rely on your help for testing. By “testing” we mean you submitting information we can drop into the spreadsheets we use to calculate distortion or you installing a county parameter file in your data collector and checking on known points, to suggest a couple of ways.

To date we have received information, usually section corners, from Douglas, Sarpy, Cass, Platte, Hall, Hamilton, Richardson, Nemaha, Johnson and Pawnee counties. We have also received spot information from around the state and a few surveyors have loaded the parameter files for field work. So far there haven’t been any big issues and things seem to be going as expected. In the counties mentioned above all the submitted data has fit very well using the LDP county parameters.

If you would like to help let us know. We need information in latitude\longitude\HAE or state plane with elevations. An easy way would be for you to send us your raw files. We combine them all into one big file and strip out the information we need county by county.

Contact us if you are interested and thanks for your consideration. 

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